Web Design

Progressive Dreamers

Progressive Dreamers is a news organization for progressives who do not adhere to party politics. 

JavaScript Health Quiz

This is a quiz written in pure JavaScript, it uses basic functions/variables in order to output BootStrap-friendly responses. 

Gym Website

This is a simple gym website using basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript and BootStrap. 

Profile Page

This is a profile page designed for an about me section.  


This is a simple contact form using basic HTML, CSS for styling. 

Profile page

This is a profile page designed to display different works for a content developer. 

Digital Media

Nic Chics Show

This was a reality show pilot for a programming concept following three Irish sisters living in Connecticut. Target audience was intended for ages 34 - 65 crowd.

Trapeze Night Showcase

This was a demonstration showcase night from the Trapeze School of New York in Brooklyn, NY. The performers in this video were a mix of students and teachers that worked together to organize this event.

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